Their Story

Sherry and Allison began tossing around the idea of opening a design studio and retail space about four years ago. They have had ideas and plans floating around in their heads ever since. However, it wasn't until recently that the opportunity finally presented itself. They are a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team who have worked together to bring the Auburn and Opelika communities a beautiful design studio with an affordable and timeless retail space. They are thrilled at the opportunity to work with people on both event and interior design projects. 

Meet Sherry

Since graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Interior Design, Sherry has put in thirty years of design work in corporate, retail, commercial, event, and residential settings. Sherry has a way of combining colors, textures, layouts, and finishes that form unique spaces that are tailored and personalized to the client. The harmony that she so effortlessly produces is sure to leave any space looking impeccable. Sherry has the ability to understand her clients’ desires and transform a space based on their wants and needs. She has an eye for detail that has resulted in a vast number of happy and satisfied clients over the years. 

Meet Allison

Allison is an Auburn native and recent graduate of Auburn University. She has a degree in Human Development,  which helped develop her love for understanding people and where they come from. What started out as assisting Sherry with installations, eventually turned into a passion for Allison. She grew to love the process of working with people on design projects, and in a retail environment. Her favorite part of every project is seeing the transformation take place. Allison's ability to manage timelines, stay on budget, multitask, and stay organized, keeps each project on time and running smoothly. 

What They Do

Their main goal is to provide each of their clients with looks that they love. Whether it is a home, wedding, social gathering, corporate event, or an office space, they want to help their clients by simplifying the design process. When working on interior design projects they help their clients make decisions concerning colors, window treatments, finishes, furnishings, and accessories. When working on event design projects, they help their clients make decisions concerning color schemes, layouts, table settings, lighting, linens, accessories, and the overall aesthetics of the event. They have the ability to take a blank canvas and transform it into something beautiful. Their hope is that their clients leave each consultation with a sense of vision, direction, and inspiration.